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© Farouk Asvat

          Come, my child,
            Let me teach you
            Teach you
            About those brutes
            That kill our children
            Besmirch our women
            Smother our men

            Come, my child,
            Let me teach you
            Teach you to hate
            Hate with equal passion
            For you know
            Too much love
            My child

                      My people still wait
                        For some Black Moses
                        Come to liberate my country;
                        But the weaving lies in the hand of the weaver
                        Revolutions are made by revolutionaries
                        And those living on hope
                        Will have only hope to feed upon
                        For destiny determines nothing

          Death descends on those defenceless:
            The political prisoner slipping on soap
            The baby sucking in vain
            Upon the brown dry cracked landscape
            Of her mother's breast

                      Marx's children forget
                        That this is not the British Museum
                        In the nineteenth century
                        That Azania's children
                        Speak for Azania
                        That the drumbeat of our ancestors
                        Speak of bloody rains
                        And bitter peace

          Your children have forgotten you, F.A.
            They merely burn candles in protest
            Veering between obsequity to the Whiteman
            And disdain for the stinking Zim

                      Do not sing to me of love
                        That flourishes in the spring
                        And gardens that kaleidoscope in summer

                        Between these prison walls
                        There are black hands
                        To pluck khaki weeds

          Our ancestors are young men
            Too nominal to plant their seeds
            Or nurture an African harvest

            So we plant their supple bodies
            In freshly tilled earth
            Singing and dancing
            As we die
            Our way to another death

© farouk asvat

[] composed: 1976 [Johannesburg, South Africa under apartheid].

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The anthology The Time Of Our Lives by Farouk Asvat
is now available on amazon kindle @ only $5.