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ROOMS: from fordsburg to joubert park

                from fordsburg to joubert park
© Farouk Asvat

Kacholie Mansions, Fordsburg (1983-1985)

The blue room invokes quietude and strength.
Azaleas wither among the barbed comments
Thorns eat into my crucified flesh

In the cruelest war of our times
Violent poems invade my sleep
Ghosts dance around the bed
Ululating with delight
Around the flaming pyres
Of my living nightmares
Preparing to die again
For another song of freedom

Words remain censured
Piled away like blankets for the summer

            Painfully I unfold
            Scab upon crusty scab
            From my bleeding heart

            Winter's beauty and assault
            Is with me again

                        A wounded dove
                        Rising from a dusty roof
                        Ready to fly again

Century Plaza, Joubert Park (1985-1987)

Picadors and Penguins flutter
With the lives within their lives
Resting upon white melamine shelves
Where my lover smiles sadly at me;
Fikile's brain oozes
Through a fractured skull
Confined to a cell
In the frame of his painting,
A broken brick wall
His only hope of escape;
Peace-in-the-home flourishes
In broken sunbeams
In dancing chiaroscuros
Of coloured shadows;
I listen to rock 'n' roll in stereo
Waiting for the knock on the door,
Always waiting for the knock on the door:
            For the mournful smile of my girlfriend
            For the deadly embrace of the security police
            For the neat package from a comrade
            Exploding in my face

© farouk asvat

Kacholie Mansions, Fordsburg (1983-1985):
            composed: 16.05.1985 [Johannesburg, South Africa under apartheid]

Century Plaza, Joubert Park (1985-1987):
            composed: 05.10.1985 [Johannesburg, South Africa under apartheid]

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Rooms: from fordsburg to joubert park was previously published in:

                The Wind Still Sings Sad Songs (piquant publications, p70, 2006).

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