Tuesday, November 5, 2013


© Farouk Asvat

            This emblem of character
            This portal for lovers
            Is a skimpy friend,
            This husher of squabbles
            This barrier against thugs
            Is a flimsy divide
            - Not made of T'zitzikama imbuia
              But blue painted pinewood:
              Skewed planks fitted together
              Decorated with an old brass knob -
            It is poor against the wind
            And at keeping out drunks;
            But still I close it
            Against the icy scalpels of winter
            Against the windy songs of August
            Against the earthy smell of the rains
            Where worlds can be reduced
            To designer homes.

But now
This welcome barricade
Is also an invasion
Expecting a knock at anytime:
A familiar face
Inviting you to a holiday in prison
Or a comrade
Bringing you a friendly death threat

© farouk asvat

composed: 05.06.1986 [Alexandra, Johannesburg, South Africa under apartheid]

            for Lionel Abrahams in Alexandra Township

[] Acknowledgements:

The Front Door was previously published in:

                The Wind Still Sings Sad Songs (piquant publications, p32, 2006).

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