Tuesday, August 20, 2013


© Farouk Asvat

                        In the delicateness of the butterfly
                        That flutters within your heart
                                                                              you suffer.

            White pigeons scatter in our lovely garden.

The beasts that I harbour in my heart
Come to life at night,
Seconds tick on like threats in a timebomb:
The night is more awake and alive
Than our days filled with slaughter.

There is so much affection gone to waste
So much of the madness of love between us
That a shadow of disdain
Flits across your face,
While the fluttering ache of another poem
Comes to brood on my silent abdomen.

            With you I knew sadness;
            It creeped into our laughter.
            Misfortune was our companion
            Sadness piled upon sadness
            In the silence of the night.

I hold on to the rhythm of the seasons
I hold on to our hopeless revolution
            Your downy little dove trembling
            Between my tender loins
            Softening the creases on my rocky face,
            Oblivious of the ghost of savage mourning
            That grows talons in my chest.

                        I accept you with too many questions
                        Lingering on the periphery of other dreams
                        Dancing on the graves of other lovers
                        Ululating with the ghosts of youngsters
                        Dancing with machetes around our bed,
                        Offering you everything
                        As if there were no tomorrow.

                        If only I could learn myself in you.
                        If only I could
                        Receive some of your forgetfulness
                        As a blessing and a curse.

But the wraiths of other lovers
Writhe within our sheets,
Wailing ancestors
Dance in our dances,
While we try
To pirouette into oblivion,
Always the oblivion
Of the moment.

© farouk asvat

composed: 1983 - 1987 [Johannesburg, South Africa under apartheid] [v]

[] Acknowledgements:

The Beasts That I Harbour In My Heart was previously published in:

                The Wind Still Sings Sad Songs (piquant publications, p17, 2006).

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